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Axxets provides wealth management, investment and family office services to help each client determine and achieve their financial goals. We are a team of professionals highly qualified in all financial areas in order to find the best solution that adapts to your needs.

Investment Management

We offer a variety of investment options adapted to the specific goals of each client:


  • Multi-asset classes worldwide
  • Fixed income
  • Derivatives
  • Commodities
  • Mutual funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity
  • Real estate
  • Venture capital
  • Private loans

Global multi-asset management

The flexibility of having access to investments and the main asset classes worldwide.

Due diligence

We offer comprehensive analyses of every recommended investment opportunity.


We have access to the main industry analysts and research platforms.

Risk control

We evaluate potential risk factors for all investments in the portfolio.

Corporate Actions

We analyze and provide recommendations for every corporate event that requires a response.

Portfolio analysis and investment proposals

We analyze investment portfolios and provide recommendations aligned with the client’s objectives and risk profile.


We offer access to all major asset classes within the public and private markets.


We evaluate our clients' current situation and create a plan tied to future needs to achieve the desired objectives.

Succession and estate planning

We develop strategies that enable the efficient and responsible transfer of wealth for future generations.

Philanthropy and Impact Investing

We help clients align their investment objectives with their philanthropic values..

Tax planning

We develop strategies to reduce the tax liability and, in turn, maximize the contribution to the pension.


We help clients find the best financing solutions according to their needs.

Wealth Management

Our wealth management service is focused on meeting the needs of our clients and their families in a comprehensive and efficient way, considering all aspects of investment and financial planning. We are dedicated to understanding all of our clients’ current and potential scenarios, thereby creating a comprehensive investor profile that acts as the foundation of our relationship and guides financial planning.

Family Office

Our Family Office service is focused on high-net-worth families with the aim of managing their complicated finances in a simple and efficient way. 


Through research, technology, and a team of expert professionals, we not only understand your family’s goals and challenges, but we lead and coordinate all the pieces necessary to make them possible.

Wealth Management

We comprehensively analyze the financial objective of each client and we create an investor profile to efficiently manage wealth.

Consolidation and Reconciliation of Portfolio Performance

We consolidate managed investment accounts held at diverse financial institutions and ensure that all assets align with the client's financial goals.

Family Business and Strategic Planning

We advise families and their businesses at all stages of their development.

Investment Manager Analysis

We track the performance of investment accounts managed by external managers.

Reduction of costs with suppliers

We analyze and provide recommendations for each corporate event that requires a response.

Estate, Succession, and Tax Planning

We develop a strategy that allows an efficient and responsible transfer of wealth for future generations, and at the same time we reduce the tax liability.

We recommend high-quality products and services in order to responsibly maximize our clients’ wealth.


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Subscribe to our newsletter and receive relevant market news from Axxets’ point of view.

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