Reinvestment Risk at the End of Hiking Cycle

Intro Hello, I’m Javier Lopez, Fixed Income Specialist, and part of the investment committee at Axxets Wealth Management. For the last 18 months, we witnessed the most aggressive Fed’s hiking cycle in the last 4 decades; with an increase of 525 bps to the Federal...

Hello Mr. Bond

Hello, I’m Javier López, Fixed Income Specialist @ Axxets Wealth Management. With interest rates on multidecade highs and fixed income expected to show interesting returns in the short/mid-term. We deem it important to explain how bonds work, as this is a $130...

What impact would a government shutdown have on the U.S. economy?

Each year, Congress must pass legislation to fund the federal government for the next fiscal year. A shutdown occurs if Congress is unable to pass the necessary spending bills, or a resolution providing interim funding before October 1, when the fiscal year begins. In...


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Blackstone’s 10 Surprises for 2023

As every year, the investment fund for alternative assets with close to $951 billion, Blackstone, published its report on the 10 surprises expected for 2023.